Worshipers can hear from any number of readings today. Lectors should consult their liturgy committee, preacher and/or presider.

The Catholic lectionary specifies that readings and psalms today may be any of the selecitons available at funerals (Lectionary index numbers 1011-1016).

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Links to other smart commentaries on this week's readings

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Lector's Notes originate in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., where Bellefontaine Cemetery is a major historical and cultural landmark. The photo (shown here cropped) is referenced in the HTML source of this page on the cemetery's website. Click here to see the full-size image on the cemetery's Wordpress site.

Lector's Notes should be easily readable on any device, including small-screen ones like cell phones and tablets. This is among the first of a few hundred pages to be converted to a responsive format (responsive to the kind of screen you are using). So when you're not serving as lector, and you arrive at church and mute your cell phone, you can brief yourself on the readings you're about to hear. Format conversion is a work-in-progress and will be so until maybe April of 2018.

This page updated September 14, 2023